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On this episode, Coyote and Mario decide they want to create their very own Brave Wilderness official STAY WILD meal - Jack Black and Travis Scott created their own meals, so why can't we?! So, will this be your next order at Burger King?! Watch now to find out what's on the Barnyard Belly Buster... and then you can decide if it sounds tasty enough to order! P.S. If you do end up ordering it, be sure to tell them that Coyote sent you.

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(Upbeat music) - Ooh, buddy, it's 12 o'clock.

That means it's lunchtime.

What's going on, Coyote pack? Every day when I choose what it is: I'm gonna have for lunch.

It's a pretty tough decision and recently there's been a lot of buzz.

Around Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Meal.

I got to say, I've tried the Cactus Jack Meal, it's pretty good.


My main man, Jack Black came out with the Surf and Turf on Jablinski Games, which was also interesting.

I, haven't tried that one yet, but I figured today.

You know what, I'm gonna come up with my own meal.

Why shouldn't Brave Wilderness have its own meal? So.

Right now.

We are on our way to Burger King to order the Stay Wild Meal.

First of all, we're gonna find out whether or not they've got it ready for order.

If not, we're gonna order it and create it.


(laughing) Burger, King, baby, oh yeah! - [Man], You're, choosing Burger King.

How may I help you? - Hi there,? Do you guys have the Stay, Wild, Meal? - [Man], No, I? Don't think so.

- Hm, okay, well,? That's all right, we're gonna make that today.

Can I, please get a Double Cheeseburger with no ketchup and no mustard? So, just the burgers the cheese and the pickles, Dollar Chicken Sandwich, with no sauce, just the chicken and the bread, crispy chicken.

A large Onion Ring, two packets of barbecue sauce.

A, delicious Hershey, Sundae Pie and a Medium Root Beer.

You don't need too much root beer.

It goes a long, way.

- Will that be it for you? - That's gonna be it.

- [Man], 7.30.

- Ooh, Mario.

Did you want anything? - [Mario] Yeah,? Do you mind swinging by McDonald's.

- No, we're not going to McDonald's today, buddy, No, Travis, Scott, meals, no Surf and Turf Jack Black meals.

This is all about the Stay Wild Meal, Burger King.

That's where it's at.

It's a ferocious meal,! That's for sure.

Hi there,! How are you today?, - I, like that hat.

- Thank you.

She likes my hat.

Thanks, so much.

Now,? What I always like to do is just double check.

My order before I leave the drive through to make sure I got exactly what it is, that I asked.


Chicken Sandwich, burger, no onion, rings.

- [Man] I'll get 'em for you, I'll meet you out, back.

- Okay thanks.

They're gonna hand deliver the onion rings.

It must mean they're gonna, be an extra fresh.

Thanks, man, I appreciate it.

- Okay, sorry about that, I even gave you a large for it.

- Oh, cool, I appreciate that.

- Are, you, the guy from the YouTube? - I, am that guy from YouTube.

- Hey! - Yeah., - I watch you all the time.

- Okay.

- We was all sitting.

There, I was like, he looks really familiar, I think I know him.

- So have you heard of the Stay Wild Meal yet? - I have not.

- You have not? Well, we're in the process of making the Stay Wild Meal.

Are you cool with us using you in this video? - Yeah, yeah. - Okay, cool.

You'll, be in the video of us, creating the Stay Wild Meal.

You heard of Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Meal? - I have.

- Have, you heard of Jack Black's Surf and Turf Meal? - I have not.

- You, have not, check out Jablinski Games, make sure to watch this episode.

The Stay Wild, man, coming soon - Yes, sir.

Thank you.


- Alright, take care.

- Have a good one.

(laughing) - See that, hand delivered onion rings, they smell fresh.

They smell delicious.


This is going to be the meal of a lifetime.

I'm, so excited right now and also hungry.

All right, guys.

It is time for lunch.

I'm going to show you how to officially build the Stay Wild Meal and it all begins with the Barnyard Belly Buster Sandwich.

You need a plain double cheeseburger.

You wanna, open that guy up? You also wanna get the chicken junior sandwich.


What I like to do is actually peel back one of the burgers just like that, so you've got all that melted cheese and then you place the chicken right in the middle between those two scrumptious flame royal patties.


The next thing, I like to add, are some onion rings, and you see this, there you go, three onion rings on top.


It doesn't end with that.

I like to add a little bit of barbecue sauce.

Drizzle a little bit of this deliciousness on top of the onion rings like that.

Whoa, that is looking good.

Now, don't throw out the rest of the sauce.

You wanna just keep this at the side here, because you're gonna actually dip the rest of your onion rings into that, and the last thing is to just put this delicious bun back on top.

What I like to do is actually wet.

My whistle, before I take my first bite, so root beer is my drink of choice.

Mm! That is ice, cold and delicious.

Man, nothing beats a Burger King root.


Here we go, onion rings to the side.

We'll get to those in a second.


First, it's time to get the beauty shots of the Barnyard Belly Buster Burger.


We go, guys, beautiful, glamorous shots.

Look at that burger.

Look at it from 360 degrees.

It is delicious, flame, broiled, crispy, chicken, fresh onion, rings, pickles and barbecue sauce.


Don't think it gets any better, any more delicious, any more wild than this sandwich.

All right, guys, I'm, Coyote, Peterson and I'm about to take a bite out of the Stay Wild Meal.

(Western style, orchestral, music) Mm! Wow! That is delicious! Holy mackerel, hm-mm., Mm., Hm-mm, hm-mm.

Mm, the second bite's better than the first bite.

This sandwich is fire!.

(Melodic upbeat music), Mm., I love the way that the cheese sort of encapsulates the burgers and the chicken together.

So you've got this perfect mix of like most of the food pyramid, items, like cheese, burgers and chicken.


Of course the pickles are a vegetable.

Oh yeah, get a little root beer working around in there.


It is a flavor combination.

Unlike anything you've ever tasted, hoo hoo! This thing is wild! (melodic upbeat music) Last bite, coming, oh, you were a delicious one.

My beauty.

(music speeding, up) Mm.

(mellow melodic music) Ah.

There, you go, the Barnyard Belly Buster, completely consumed at this point.

Now the thing that I like about the Stay Wild Meal, that separates it from any other meal out there is.

It comes with dessert.


Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the Hershey's Sundae Pie, and if you're a big kid and you eat your entire meal, then of course you can have your dessert.


Hm-mm, yeah.

Just, like that, shovel it down.

Hm-mm, yeah, eat the whole thing.


Mm, hm-mm.

Have it your way.


There you have it, guys, the Stay Wild Meal from Burger King.

It's, a delicious combination of burgers, chicken, onion, rings, pickles, barbecue, sauce, root beer and, of course, the one and only Hershey's Pie.

I'm Coyote Peterson, be brave.

Have it your way.

We'll, see on the next adventure.

Oh,? And if you head to Burger King and ask for the Stay Wild Meal, tell them Coyote sent you.

♪ We have a barbecue.

We know how we're doing right.

♪, ♪, Fire us a whole while we're underneath the moonlight.

♪ ♪ Having, good times, yeah, we're laughing and we're joking ♪ ♪ Gather round, gather round.

The fire pit is smoking.

♪ - Hey, Coyote.

(knocking on door) (door opening) I've got your package here.



Are you doing? - Oh, well, after I had the Stay Wild Meal, it's quite the belly buster, so I have to lay down and take a nap to let that buddy digest.

Stay wild, guys.

- [Mario] Alright.

Here you go.

(melodic upbeat music), (lion, roaring), (birds, twittering).

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