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Today I am going to visit some unique cafes in the world.

Like, dog lovers, cafe, candy, land themed, cafe, ice cream, cafe and birds nest cafe and many more unique cafes So for our first destination, I had to go to an ice cream, cafe 2 hours away from Bangkok.

The interior of this cafe is just like an ice cream.

Let's see inside Wow, the lights here.

Look like an ice cream cone is hanging The.

Most unique thing about this.

Cafe is this that normal cafes have chairs, but this cafe has swings, which means that you keep eating and swinging too Next.

I have come to Nest.

Cafe I had seen the tree house, but they have made this giant nest on top of the tree means that humans are sitting in these nests like birds and enjoying their food.

Just like birds, sit in their nest and enjoy the view from above.

We were also having the same.

Feeling, We were also enjoying the view with our family sitting.

In this giant nest.

And we had lovely Thai singers.

Here It looks even more beautiful in the evening Whatever you feel like move the camera away from me.

It looks very beautiful So guys next is Husky Cafe, which has a huge line to go inside and I am also very excited to go here.

As soon, as we entered inside this cafe, we saw that they have kept.

The entire interior dog themed means that dogs were made on the clocks and also on the scenery.


The soft toys were also dogs And.

The employees here were also wearing Husky T-shirts And, even the water that we got was dog's water what? means it was not dog's water, it had dog print on it and the drink that was also dog's, no mean dog was printed.

Sorry, sorry, sorry I was talking.

That's when I noticed that two Korean boys are looking at me Handsome he must be wearing Fair and Lovely.

I was thinking.

Do I, look like an animal, then why is she looking at me? Then a Korean boy comes from there and ask.

Are you a YouTuber? Then I said? Yes, I am a small youtuber and when I showed him my channel the first reaction of that Korean boy was this ohh! ohh!!!, it's you?, yeah!! I just did not understand one thing.

Nobody knows me in South Korea, then.

Why is he clicking a photo with me Well? Then we talked.

We told that we are from India and he told us that he is from South Korea and we both came to visit Thailand.

Then it was over now, don't think too far.

Playtime is over.

Now we will go to Husky.

Let's go!!.

This is such a lovely place.

What can I say? You can play with them and do whatever you want, and they can also do with you whatever they want to Shall I kiss him?.

It will bite you hey.

Whom did you ask me for kissing me again? Again!!, hey I, told you.

No lip to lip kiss was about to happen.

Move aside, I want to click a photo.

I am not your father's servant.

He He, He, He!!, correct I am afraid nothing will happen.

This is so fluffy, sir sir one selfie, please one selfie, sir sir.

What do you want to say about this? Cafe: go away!!, malaika ji, it's so nice and fluffy.

Just like cotton, candy, hi dogo.

How are you? hey? Why are you playing with him play with me too? Is he more beautiful? You are also beautiful, cutie pie.

Mummy sit up, straight, yeah, beautiful mummy, yeah, look at the camera, hey move! Let me go up hi, Mummy Verma.

How are you wow? There is one up on me too.

Take me to mummy Verma, hi mummy, Verma Thai lady:, miss hand wooo hooo, hi, Deepti, Thai lady:, for you super heavy for me super heavy Guys.

It is difficult to balance.

Thai lady: super heavy.

He is standing on my leg, Thai lady: smile!!.

It's too heavy oooh bye!! pillu pick up pillu hey: where are you going? Don't go Guys.

He is going there again and again.

What is your problem? It was amazing.

Thank you so much! Thank you.

How was it so cool never experienced anything like this? It was less cafe and more adventure.

Next, I came to Cupcake and Ice Cream Themed Cafe.

It looks so beautiful From outside it was looking so cute And, just to say that this was a cafe and there were a lot of things.

Inside, cartoon macaron I have seen first time.

3 will probably be for 150 and per piece.

55 I know.

Thai too I am so talented.

What is written, is understood by everyone.

Ok, so why don't you understand? Shall we order this yes, which one I want a pig Guys the species of human being is known, so I want one teddy bear one pig: what do we call it and a chick yeah one teddy bear one pig? Oh sorry, is this one is pig.

Why I am saying suar? Can you open this? yeah? We want a pig, I love pig, this one? yeah!!, so guys this is giant Bread guys.

This is a very cute pillow Everything is so cute here Look.

What mommy is doing.

Mommy is obsessed with WhatsApp status Look at this giant bread.

How is it? is this bread?? Yes, it is amazing.

Mummy, don't touch it.

It was made Look how beautiful this girl is.

She will not understand my Hindi.

That's why I praise her whole heartedly? She is looking so beautiful.

How will boys flirt with her, I will flirt with her? Ok, let's go and eat this ooh.

The door is open because I am princess, indumati woow, so guys I'm eating macarons sitting on top of macarons, so yummy this is the Purple Pig and it matches it.



I have never eaten such as soft macaron.

It was looking beautiful, but is awful to drink, but ok looks beautiful.

Will look good on Instagram And guys if you want a full video tour of this ice cream world, then like this video Because, it is so beautiful and so big that That.

If I show in this video, then I can not show you the rest of the cafe So guys, now I have come to the pink-themed cafe.

You can see that this whole telephone and the door is pink.

Let's go inside and see whether it is pink from inside or not OH, MY, GOD, The floor tiles are also pink and the door and the counter I'm, not the only one who is pink, I.

Don't know why This stool looks like a bucket of milk and it is pink in color and wherever you look, everything is pink wow.

This is such a beautiful area.

As soon, as you enter this cafe, you will feel like you have been teleported to a Barbie world or a Barbie coffee shop.

Which was your favorite cafe, in which you would like to go.

Tell me in the comment: I should have done the pink challenge here.

So I got a call from my house, so I am going bye, bye.

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