16 Personalities at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (2023)


What would it be like if the 16 Myers-Briggs Personalities won a Golden Ticket to tour Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?
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The 16 Personalities of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are INFJ, INTJ, INFP, ISFP, INTP, ISTP, ISFJ, ISTJ, ENFP, ENTP, ESTP, ESFP, ENTJ, ESTJ, ENFJ, ESFJ

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- I've sent Golden Tickets to 16 kids, inviting them to my chocolate, factory.

(energetic music, playing) (camera shutter clicking) - Cool.

- Oh, my gosh, I won a Golden Ticket! Let's see how much I can get for it.

On eBay.

- Throughout, the day, the kids will go head to head in several deadly, I mean, perfectly safe challenges.

- "Head to head in several deadly, I mean, perfectly safe, challenges." Why.

Would he print that whole exchange? - The kid to make it through every challenge, wins my entire chocolate, factory.

- I am most definitely gonna win this competition, and watch out ladies, 'cause I might win your heart: too.

(air whooshing) - As for the 15 losers, well..

(laughing) -.

What does that mean? Why? Are you laughing like that? - Nothing.

Welcome to the Wondrous World of Willie Wonka.

- Who's Willie Wonka? - Me.

- Hey., Hey, everybody., Sorry., I'm late, dude., Hope I didn't keep you waiting.

(camera clicking) - Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who are you? - (clearing, throat), Oh yeah.


I got a ticket.

- Hey.

This tour is for unaccompanied children.

Only, you creep, so pound sand., All right children, follow me.

- Crap.

I paid 500 bucks for this thing on eBay.

- Now.

Before we get to the fun and games, there is a little red tape, but who doesn't love fruit by the foot? Am I right? (laughs) - Yo, this guy's jokes suck. - Okay.

Let's sign some liability, waivers.

(whimsical, music, playing) - Awesome., - Well.

This just took the fun out of everything.

- "Wonka Enterprises cannot be held responsible for loss of life or limb on Fudge Mountain.", (ominous, music, playing) Is this for real? (ominous, music, stops) They got a whole mountain made out of fudge! You know where I'll be! (paper fluttering) - Should someone like, go with her? - Ah, we'll just check on her in a little while.

(drum beats), Okay., This, isn't gonna end well. - Ah!, (body, crashing) - Oh no.

She must have slipped and fallen all the way down: Fudge Mountain., (whimsical, music, playing) Anyway.


Why we have waivers.

Let's, keep moving.

(whimsical music, stopping) - So, we're just leaving her here.


(air whooshing), (whimsical, music, resuming), - Ah, and over here on our right.

We have the ballistic Juju bees, which are illegal everywhere, except Texas and Florida.

- Oh, I hate, guided tours.

They're, so boring.

I'm, just gonna go off and do my own thing.

(whimsical music, stopping) - Okay.

She's gonna die too. - Mr., Wonka., (whimsical, music, resuming), No offense, but have you ever tried like high quality chocolate from Switzerland? - Um..

- Because, your Wonka bar kind of? Has this vomit flavor.

- Okay.


- You should use more cocoa butter to make it creamier.

People will love that., - Well, I, appreciate you taking care of me.

(whimsical music, stopping) - Any time, Willie.

- And.

Now the Oompas will take care of you.

(metal scraping) (whimsical, music, resuming) - Oh, also, the almond version of the bar? Too many nuts.

It just falls: apart.

Not, very good., - Okay.


Someone take out this kid.

Already? (air whooshing) For this next challenge, the last person to find an M&M in this giant.

Vat of Skittles will be eliminated.

From, the competition, of course.

- Okay.

Time to put together a game.


(candies rattling) - Everyone stay away from my area.

(INFJ groaning) - Found, one already.

- M&M? More, like methodical and meticulous.

- Dude, I found like a ton of 'em.

(energetic music playing) - Check.

- Found one.

- Oh, my gosh.

I found one.

- Whew.

- I see the S.

This one is a Skittle.

- And.

The game is over.

You lose., (buzzer, sounding) - Well, crapjacks.

What do I, do now? Just go home? - Oh, sure.


Follow that Oompa Loompa down that foreboding, hallway right, there.

(ominous, drum beat) - But, the front door's right, there.

- Just! Do what I say.

- You got it.

Following directions of authority figures, even when they're clearly wrong is my jam.

- Huh.

How did he know that we were gonna, throw 'em over the schnozzberry jam waterfall? Anyway,? Let's keep going.

- You know who has a sweet, gig?, (mysterious music, playing), Those, Oompa, Loompas.

Their outfit is fire, yo., - I'm, pretty sure they are literally slaves.

- I'mma see.

If I can infiltrate their ranks.

- Okay.

Another one bites the dust.

(energetic music, playing) - For this next challenge, it's a race to the tippy-top of the candy rock wall.

(kids groaning), - Yo.

This should be easy.

Whoa, (romantic, music playing) hold the phone girl.


Are you doing? You know, dessert usually comes at the end of a date, but I'll make an exception for you.

(Oompa Loompa giggling) - And, the race is over.

You're out, kid., (buzzer sounding) - Hold up.

That was not fair.

I was distracted by this total 10 over here.

Hey baby.

(romantic, music, resuming) You want to be my assistant when I win this whole thing? - No, you literally just lost.


What I just said., Okay.


Just, take him away.

- Follow me please.

- Okay., If you're gonna twist.

My arm.

Mm girl, is that a spray tan? - No,? It's my natural skin color.

- Okay.


I, like that.

- I'm, already coming up with ways to improve this place.

Once I win.

(whimsical music, playing) Like, whose idea was it to put the Mountain Dew fountain right next to the marshmallow urinals? I mean, that's gotta, be a health code.


(record, scratching) - Hold, up.

Those are urinals? (gagging) No, wonder the soda tasted flat.

(gagging) Get me out of this place.

I need a mouth transplant.

- Yeah.

Count me out as well, actually.

Who knew that a chocolate factory run by an unhinged man-child could be so chaotic? - Our new experimental gum contains an entire meal in just one stick.

- Wow.

That means I'll never have to eat.

My mom's crappy cooking, ever again.

(chimes ringing), Mm., It's, good.

- Wait, that one isn't quite ready.


- It tastes like a vegan burger with sweet potato fries., - Yes, with a blueberry pie, dessert.

- Great.


When I thought my body image issues couldn't get any worse.

(slide whistle, blowing), You know, people always said I had my head in the clouds.

(crickets chirping) (energetic, music, playing), - In, our next game.

You need to make it across this entire room by only stepping on the green gum.


If you fall off or if you step on a gum drop that isn't green, you're, dead., I, mean, you're, out., - Well.

Actually color is an illusion that doesn't exist in the outside world.

(whimsical music, playing) It only exists in our minds.

- Okay.

That's enough, Professor Egghead, you're, out. - Well, actually.

According to some interpretations of quantum mechanics, to a person outside of this factory, who cannot directly observe me, I am both in the competition and out of the competition simultaneously.

- Oompas.

Get him out of here right, now. - Well, actually.

We can never experience the exact moment: of- (shouts) (Oompa, Loompa, slapping) - Okay.

On to the chocolate river.

- Mr.

Wonka, the chocolate river is very impressive, but I can't help but wonder if the chocolate is ethically sourced?.

- Ah, get over it.

It's, just chocolate.

- Yeah.


Please tell me that the Oompa Loompas are getting paid a living, wage, and no, chocolate coins.

Don't count.

- Yeah.


Do you pay for health insurance?, - Do? They get vacation and holiday.

Time? - Three months of parental, bonding leave? - Work from home, stipend? -.

Gym membership, reimbursement? - Enough.

This is a good, honest factory, not some silicone valley, tech, startup, all right? How.

Is this man supposed to make any money if he's giving his employees all kinds of benefits? I'm about to take some vacation time in that chocolate, river, and I'm? Taking you two with me.

(ISTP growling) (INFJ screaming), (bodies, crashing), (bodies, splashing) - Sir.

What is "vacation and holiday, time?" - It's, something that lazy, Europeans, have., - Oh wow.

America's, the best.

(patriotic music, riffing) - Congratulations., (energetic, music, playing) You're, the last one standing, and the heir to my chocolatey empire.


Let me get the keys for you.

- That's, not necessary., I'm gonna, demolish this place by end of day.

This is gonna, be a really great spot for a casino.


You kidding me? That's, not the deal! Read, your own terms and conditions, buddy.

Winter gets the factory.

Doesn't say: I have to keep it.

- But.

This is my life's work.

I thought I could at least take on an advisory role.

Or- - No offense, but I wouldn't hire you to empty the trash cans, much less to advise me.

Okay? - Oompas! Take, her away to the gummy bear guillotine! Oompas? Oompa Loompas? - (laughs) Oh, that's right., They work for me: now! - But.

They would never- - Never, say never, Wonka., Ooh., I heard you're building a casino.

Can I stay on as a blackjack dealer? Ooh.

Can I, wear tux? - You can wear whatever you want, just throw this guy in the pudding pop pit.

- With, pleasure., - Oh.

Why did I give away my chocolate factory to a 10 year? Old? - Okay.

I got the factory, send in the bulldozers.

(engines rumbling) - Hello? Hello? Y'all, just straight up forgot about me, didn't you? (engines rumbling) What's that rumbling sound? Hey, I'm here for the chocolate factory, tour.

Am I in the right place? (jazzy, music, playing), - Dude.

That was like a month.


- Oh, crap.

I read the ticket wrong.

- Hey, but since you're here, do you wanna gamble your money, away? - Sir, I'm only 10 years, old.

- Yeah.

So am I.

- I've only got 25 cent.

- That's enough for a go on the slot.


- Well, in that case, sure.

- Right, this way, sir.

(bell dinging), (jazzy, music, playing), (jazzy, music, ending).


What personality types are Willy Wonka? ›

The analysis shows that Willy Wonka is innovative, flamboyant, stubborn, arrogant, and authoritarian. He loves to be the center of attention by putting on outrageous attire. He cannot stand questions and considers them as criticisms or threat. He always brags the products he creates to his guests.

What is Charlie Bucket's personality type? ›

Which personality type is Charlie Bucket? Charlie Bucket is an ISFJ personality type. Reliable and trustworthy, you can count on Charlie Bucket to see things through to completion. As an ISFJ, Charlie Bucket is a natural planner who likes to focus on details and some may describe his as a perfectionist.

What zodiac is Willy Wonka? ›

Gemini- Willy Wonka

Geminis are often chaotic as they live fast-paced lives. And so, Willy Wonka from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' would be a relatable character for them!

Is Willy Wonka an extrovert? ›

He is the epitome of an introvert. Somewhat of a recluse, he is quirky and has peculiar foibles. He can be extremely demanding and judgmental but never sinister. Wonka has a comedic side to him.

What is Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory personality? ›

As in so many of Dahl's stories, his description of Charlie's appearance matches his personality: he is small and undernourished and he is meek and mild. Despite facing so many hardships, he remains kind and never bitter. But behind Charlie's meek exterior, he demonstrates an inner strength and courage.

What is the personality of Type 7? ›

Enneagram 7's are called The Enthusiast. They are motivated by a desire to be happy. Sevens like to plan enjoyable activities, contribute to the world, and avoid suffering or uncomfortable feelings. Type sevens enjoy introducing others to new experiences and adventures.

What is Veruca salt's personality? ›

Veruca Salt is a greedy, demanding, spoiled brat and one of the four main antagonists of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She demands every single thing she requests and is the second person to find a Golden Ticket and the third eliminated from the tour.

What personality type is Roald? ›

Roald Dahl was an ENFP personality type. He had a strong need to connect emotionally with others.

What are the character traits of Grandpa Joe? ›

Despite being the oldest and frailest, Grandpa Joe is the most energetic and enthusiastic of the grandparents. He and Charlie have a special bond, and Grandpa Joe particularly loves telling Charlie stories—this not only entertains Charlie, but it also makes Grandpa Joe look younger and brighter.

What zodiac is candy corn? ›

Halloween falls during Scorpio season and this kernel-inspired candy, alongside jack o' lanterns, skulls and witch hats, has become something of a symbol for the holiday. Candy corn is tricolored and Scorpio is a sign associated with a trinity of animal totems; the serpent, the scorpion and the proverbial phoenix.

What is Veruca Salt zodiac? ›

As a Capricorn zodiac sign, Veruca Salt works hard to achieve her goals.

Is Snoopy A Aquarius? ›

He also recycled his own horoscope themes in his most famous stories. Snoopy versus the Red Baron, operating as a pilot on his kennel, is pure Sagittarius (the sign ruling aeroplanes and flight).

What is Augustus Gloop's personality? ›

Augustus Gloop is an extremely greedy child who is obsessed with food and never stops eating. He is the first of five children to win a Golden Ticket.

What is Mike Teavee's personality? ›

Personality. Mike acts like he was smarter than everybody. He initially didn't believe in Willy Wonka's "Television Chocolate" invention. Mike is also angry, repeatedly screaming, violently pushing and yelling in the movie.

What personality type is Charlie Harper? ›

Charlie Harper - ESTJ

While he may seem to lack in compassion, he seldom fails when it comes to supporting his family and doing what is morally right at the end of the day.

What is the most talkative Enneagram? ›

In the Enneagram framework, Type 7s — also known as Enthusiasts or simply Sevens — are playful, energetic, and talkative spirits.

What is a 9 personality? ›

Enneagram Type 9 is called The Peacemaker. They are motivated by the need to keep the peace, connect with others, and avoid conflict. Generally, type nines are kind, gentle, reassuring, supportive, loyal, and nonjudgmental in relationships.

Who are type 7s most compatible with? ›

Type Sevens commonly pair well with Nines.

In a Seven-Nine partnership, the free-spirited Sevens and agreeable Nines are an upbeat couple with a sunny, positive disposition. Energetic Sevens can add dynamism to the relationship, while Nines can help the Sevens slow down and enjoy the present moment.

What is Mrs Beauregarde personality? ›

Biography. In the novel Scarlett Beauregarde is a minor supporting character and Violet's long-suffering mother who constantly disapproves of Violet's excessive chewing habit. She is highly annoyed by Violet's rudeness and unlady-like behaviour.

Did Veruca have a crush on Charlie? ›

Julie Dawn Cole (1971 Veruca) had an aversion to chocolate. She, along with Denise Nickerson (1971 Violet) had crushes on Peter Ostrum (1971 Charlie) and both actresses would take turns in spending time with him.

Did Veruca and Violet have a crush on Charlie? ›

Trivia. In real life, during the filming of the 1971 movie, the late Denise Nickerson (Violet) and Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt) both had crushes on Peter Ostrum (Charlie Bucket) and took turns in spending time with him.

What is the oddest personality type? ›

INFJ is the rarest personality type across the population, occurring in just 2% of the population. It is also the rarest personality type among men. INFJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. This unique combination is hard to find in most people.

What is Chandler's personality type? ›

Chandler Bing is an ENTP on Friends. ENTPs are sharp, funny, and have a dry sense of humor, just like Chandler Bing. He's sarcastic, quick-witted, and always has a clever comeback. Chandler loves making inappropriate jokes at awkward moments.

What personality type is Sally? ›

Sally is an Enneagram Nine personality type with a One wing. Enneagram Nines belong to the body center, along with Eights and Ones, and they naturally make decisions based on gut instinct.

What is Mrs. Joe Gargery personality? ›

Pip's older sister and guardian after his parents' die, Mrs. Joe is fiery, tyrannical, and false, harping on her own victimhood even as she abuses Pip and Joe. She is obsessed with social status and reputation.

Why is Mrs. Joe mean to Pip? ›

She's angry, tyrannical, and overly impressed by wealth. Mrs. Joe resents being responsible for Pip and emotionally and verbally abuses him. Her husband Joe is subject to the same abuse, as she continuously reminds him of the shame he brings her by working as a lowly blacksmith.

Why did Joe marry Pip's sister? ›

When she was twenty, before this story begins, she was left alone with a helpless infant brother who was not even weaned. By the time the reader is introduced to her, she has already buried two parents and five brothers and has no husband, and hence, no means to support herself. Joe solves that by marrying her.

What zodiac is Peppa? ›

Peppa Pig was born on May 30, according to Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki, meaning that she is a Gemini. If you're not familiar with Gemini traits, PrepScholar explains they're adaptable, easygoing, social, adjustable, outgoing, enthusiastic, intelligent, indecisive, impulsive, unreliable, and sometimes nosy.

What zodiac is Winnie the Pooh? ›

Winnie the Pooh is a Leo zodiac sign, which belongs to the Fire element of astrology, along with Aries and Sagittarius. The symbol of Leo is a lion, which represents leadership. What is this? As a Leo zodiac sign, Winnie the Pooh is incredibly generous.

What zodiac is donkey shrek? ›

Donkey - Gemini

Donkey is given to bouts of excitability, flitting all over the place when he is in a good mood, but he can turn sullen and moody at the drop of a hat. This binary nature of his places him under the Gemini sign.

What zodiac is Diary of a Wimpy Kid? ›

Which zodiac sign is Greg Heffley? Greg Heffley is an Aquarius zodiac sign, which belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Gemini and Libra.

What zodiac is Mr Krabs birthday? ›

Krabs is a Taurus.

What is Veruca salts real name? ›

Julie Dawn Cole is an English actress from Guildford, Surrey. She is primarily remembered for playing the insatiably greedy and demanding character of Veruca Salt in the fantasy film "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" (1971).

Which zodiac is easily distracted? ›

Gemini. The sign of the twins, with their dual personalities and indecisiveness, is considered the most scattered of the zodiac, and their wishy-washy ways often leave them distracted. "Gemini usually has multiple things going on at one time.

What animal is Aquarius ♒? ›

The Aquarius animal, based on zodiacal worship that people use to make decisions and find a compatible love connection, is the owl. This is because owls are shy but extroverted at the same time, which fits perfectly with Aquarius. While this zodiac sign might be called “The Water Bearer” it's actually an air sign.

Is Billie Eilish a Aquarius? ›

Since Billie was born on December 18, she's a Sagittarius.

What personality type is Charlie from Heartstopper? ›

His MBTI is ISTP/The Crafter, but like most characters, he's mistyped and is actually ISFP.

What is Charlie personality in Flowers for Algernon? ›

Charlie is a happy, kind and innocent man whose intelligence turns him into an alienated, arrogant and unsympathetic character. She is Charlie's teacher and often his wise mentor in a way beyond intellect.

What is Charlie from Heartstopper personality? ›

Personality. Charlie is highly-strung and tends to overthink things. He is very sensitive and deals with several mental health problems. He had a habit of apologising a lot, though by the end of Heartstopper, this is shown to get better.

What personality type is Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower? ›

Charlie Kelmeckis is an INFP personality type.

What is Nick Nelson's personality? ›

Personality… kind, selfless, and cool. While those are admirable qualities, Nick can be so selfless that he sacrifices his own happiness repeatedly. Nick would do anything for the people he cares most about, but he also needs to be true to himself.

What is Nick Nelson personality type? ›

His MBTI type is ESFJ/The Caregiver.

Does Charlie have an ED in Heartstopper? ›

In the graphic novels, it is eventually revealed that Charlie struggles with an eating disorder. Nick begins to notice that Charlie tends to skip meals, which results in him fainting during a trip to Paris, where the pair finally discuss Charlie's relationship with food.

What mental disability did Charlie have flowers for Algernon? ›

Charlie's disability is the result of an untreated physical disorder called phenylketonuria; most babies born with this condition today would be treated early enough to prevent the type of learning disability that Charlie experiences.

How does Charlie define being smart? ›

In Charlie's mind, intelligence is the quality that will gain him entry into a world of friends. The resulting irony is that when Charlie does become incredibly intelligent, he finds himself even lonelier than before.

What is Charlie Gordon's IQ? ›

Charlie is a 32-year-old man with an I.Q. of 68, who has struggled his whole life toward the goal of "being smart." This goal is actually his mother's obsession, and when she realizes the futility of it, she threatens to kill him. Charlie's father takes him to his Uncle Herman's to live.

What mental illness does Charlie have in Heartstopper? ›

The Various Themes Of Mental Health In Volume 4 (2022)

The webcomic realistically portrayed Charlie having uncontrollable thoughts that manifested in his eating, which is the definition of OCD.

What grade is Charlie Spring? ›

Heartstopper, Volume 1 introduces readers to Charlie Spring, a fourteen-year-old Year 10 (ninth grade) who came out to his Truham Grammar School peers at the start of the school year.

Who kisses Charlie in Heartstopper? ›

Walking home from school in the rain, Nick stops and turns to Charlie, asking if he would kiss someone who wasn't a girl, and specifically, if he would kiss Nick himself. Charlie responds with a smile and a resounding "Yes", leading to their first kiss, a moment of great joy and acceptance for both of them.

What is Sam Button's personality type? ›

Sam is an ESFJ personality type. She has a lot of friends and some might describe her as a social butterfly. Friendly and welcoming, she thrives in situations involving people, and ESFJs are typically the ultimate hosts.

What type of disorder does Charlie have? ›

After being hospitalized for the summer after his best friend commits suicide, Charlie who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), is about to embark on his first year of high school.

What mental illnesses does Charlie Kelmeckis have? ›

As an example of the latter, this paper focuses on the analysis of Charlie Kelmeckis, the protagonist of Stephen Chbosky's novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and his PTSD.

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